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page x -- What's all the fuss about trade cards?

updated 3 February 2019 Getting the word out, passing it on, leaving a message. Are we any better at this now than in previous generations? Twenty-first century citizens travel faster than 19th century citizens. We arrive at our destinations with remarkable speed. But are those the same destinations as those we arrived at 200 years ago? And just what difference does it make how fast we get there? A tour through the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection may reveal some answers, pique your curiosity and inspire you to take a few side trips along the way. The Collection is your tool to unlock the exciting history of the Victorian era in America. Trade Cards were a means of advertising services. As Wikipedia explains , they were distributed in the manner business cards or appointment cards are today. You might find them at a local merchant or see an assortment at any social gathering. As a boy, Earl J. Arnold was paid 50 cents a day(!) to hand them out at fairs. Google I