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page 80 -- Philip Grace Jr., S.R. Hart, E.C. Abbey M.D., the New Jewel, Hub stove, Smith & Anthony Stove Company

updated 2 October 2018 <PREVIOUS PAGE       ~  index  ~        NEXT PAGE> Phillip Grace, Jr. was a "dealer in choice wines liquors and cigars [with] lunch at all hours" S.R. Hart's card provides the only information I have on his business. Puzzle cards fascinated Victorian families for hours. The Tollgate series below is one of the most famous, but it was just one of many featured on advertising trade cards. Here's a puzzle distributed by Carters, makers of Liver Pills, etc.: East Carolina University displays the back of this card: The text of   The Sexual System and its Derangements is available from the Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health , together with information which puts the contents in proper historical context. East Carolina University's Digital Collections displays another of the four cards in the Toll Gate series which is reproduced below. (As you have probably observed, these cards were "puzzl

page 81 -- Rough on Rats, Chesebrough Manufacturing Co., Vaseline, Louis Steinert, H.A. Bartlett, Dr. Mettaur's Headache Pills

updated 23 November 2015 <PREVIOUS PAGE       ~  index  ~        NEXT PAGE> For a colorized version of this card and other additional product information, see page 175 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection Robert Augustus Chesebrough invented Vaseline  ( U.S. Patent No. 127,568, 1872 ) . The company itself was successful though its name was never as famous as that of its product. Wikipedia's article on Chesebrough Manufacturing discusses both the product and the history of the company.  James Bennett's site, comestics and skin, also has an excellent article tracing company history and elaborating on variations of the company product itself. Variously labeled as "Monarch Luggage Company" and "American Can Company, Stopper Factory," this Google Street View (Jan 2013) shows what remains of a large complex of Chesebrough buildings as described by Maggie Land Blanck on her detailed site.  The history of this Brooklyn location

page 82 -- Frank Miller & Sons, Mason & Hamlin

updated 25 November 2015 <PREVIOUS PAGE       ~  index  ~        NEXT PAGE> Hubbard & Norton was located at 185 Main St., New Britain, CT. In July of 2015, Google Street View  finds that 185 Main St. is now the home of the Institute of Technology and Business Development, a part of Central Connecticut State University: Frank Miller & Sons started in Warsaw, NY (1838) before moving operations to NYC. The site Glass Bottle Marks  summarizes firm history and elaborates on the various glassware associated with the company's distribution and advertising. Google Books presents us with a sample ad for Frank Miller & Sons : Title Social amusements: a choice collection of parlor games, tricks, charades, tableaux, parlor theatricals, pantomimes and palmistry, and figures and calls for dancing, and the language of the flowers ... Compiled by A. C. Sheldon Publisher Pennsylvania Company, 1886 Length 96 pages Mason & Haml