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page 145 -- Ovington Brothers, New London Harbor Light, Twin Lights at Navesink Highlands, NJ, Abescon Light at Atlantic City NJ

updated 28 January 2016
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246-252 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY was an early address for the Ovington Brothers store.
It appears from Google Street View that the entire 200 block of Fulton St.
was razed to make way for a widened Adams St.
Never heard of Ovington Brothers?! Neither had I, but the Ovington story has many interesting facets, including this Google Books reference:
If you would like to follow the thoughts of Mary White Ovington further her book is available as a free ebook on Google Books. As such, once on the page, you can click the link displayed when you hover over the "EBOOK - FREE" button to download a PDF or EPUB  version for your personal use.
Half a Man

The Ovington Brothers business as advertised in Google Books:

Thanks to Google Street View, here's what 314 Fifth Avenue looks like as of June 2014:

Although one could gather from the multiple room air conditioners the building could use additional insulation and maybe central air, the facades of no. 314 and its neighbor are outstanding. I hope their owners know and appreciate the unique style of these landmark buildings.

Of course, their current occupants aren't bad, either!

Hungry? Online reviews indicate these are as good as they look!
Please let me know if you have any information on this image.
The code for identifying the light is noted at the bottom of the card.
If you visit, please remember that the keeper's house was sold
in 1931 and is now a private residence
. Only the lighthouse itself

is open to the public. Please respect the neighbors' privacy!
For more information, see the New London Maritime Society site.

New London Harbor Light has been restored by the New London Maritime Society, which proudly maintains other lighthouses in the region.

The USPS produced the video below (from YouTube) upon its issuance of a series of stamps honoring New England lighthouses:

For some of the best contemporary (2013) views of these lights, see the Pompeii Penguin blog.

Here's an assortment from a Google Image search:

Abescon Light
2015 views of Abescon from Google Image search
See a view from the top of Abescon

Both videos above are available from YouTube.
The search I used was "Abescon top view"
I was struck by the urban nature of the coast here.

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