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page 104 -- New England Boot & Shoe House, Muzzy Starch Co., Henry A. Attleton, Dr. Ridge's Food

updated 6 December 2016
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manufactured by Elkhart Starch Co., Elkhart, Indiana

Muzzy's Corn Starch
"Is prepared expressly for food, is made of only
the best white corn, and is guaranteed absolutely pure.
Housekeepers should not fail to try Muzzy's
Corn Starch for pies, cakes and puddings.
Recipes with each package. Sold by all grocers.
Th popularity of Muzzy's Corn and Sun Gloss
Starch is proven by the large sale, aggregating
many million of pounds each year.

"Muzzy's Sun Gloss Starch,
For Laundry use has no superior. Pure, white
and strong.  Sold by all grocers, in 1, 3 and 6
pound packages.

"We take pleasure in sending a set of cards to any address, free
Muzzy Starch Co.
Elkhart Ind."

The Elkhart Starch Co. story leads directly to some common 21st century brand names. The Ruthmere site does a splendid job of following twists and turns of the plot. Here's an excerpt, which I hope will entice you to read the whole piece:

"A. R. Beardsley was the nephew of Dr. Havilah Beardsley, the founder of the city of Elkhart. At age 14, A.R. moved to Elkhart from Dayton, Ohio, to live with Havilah's widow, Rachel. He worked as a clerk in an Elkhart dry goods store, and by 1870, he was able to buy it. As his business acumen increased, he purchased the Muzzy Starch Company in Elkhart in 1878, and later became president of seven starch companies. He had become one of Elkhart's most important businessmen."  Read on....

From the Montreal Medical Journal via Google Books comes one very wordy ad for Ridge's Food.

Here's an example of the same product's ad, this time with the focus on Congregationalists, courtesy of Google Books.

The advantage of color trade cards included brevity, it seems!

From comes this account of early corporate history:

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