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page 122 -- Daily Terror, New Home Sewing Machine Company, Standard Boot & Shoe Co.

updated 23 September 2018
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Ever done this?!
I wonder if the Arnold children
ever got any inspirations
along these lines...
Must be an inherited trait!

The New Home Sewing Machine Company originated in Orange, MA
For a trip through the convoluted history of the Company,
see The International Sewing Machine Collectors Society site.

New Home sewing machine
found at yard sale for $10 by

The card above is a recent addition to the Arnold Collection. Orange MA was the original home of the New Home Sewing Machine Co. Putnam's meadow may well have been bisected by Putnam St., as shown on the Google Maps view below:

North Lake was not found on a recent map. Its location is unknown.

An enlargement of this dress is featured in and

New Home's garden inspiration....
For additional information on the New Home Sewing Machine Company, see page 184 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection or consult the INDEX.

Possibly the Standard Boot & Shoe Co., Pittsburgh PA
--Joseph Edwards Carpenter (1813-1885)
Thanks to the National Library of Australia, the score of "What are the Wild Waves Saying" is available online.

"Founded on an incident in the narrative of Dombey & Son,
Written and respectfully inscribed to Charles Dickens, Esq."
lyrics by Joseph Edwards Carpenter
score by Stephen Glover
arranged for piano by Brinley Richards

" What are the wild waves saying, Sister, the whole day long, That ever amid our playing, I hear but their low, lone song? Not by the seaside only, There it sounds wild and free ; But at night, when 'tis dark and lonely, In dreams it is still with me.

"Brother! I hear no singing! 'Tis but the rolling wave, Ever its lone course winging Over some lonesome cave! 'Tis but the noise of water Dashing against the shore, And the wind from some bleaker quarter Mingling, mingling with its roar."

"No! It is something greater, That speaks to the heart alone; The voice of'the great Creator, Dwells in that mighty tone.

" Yes ! But the waves seem ever Singing the same sad thing, And vain is my weak endeavor To guess what the surges sing! What is that voice repeating. Ever by night and day? Is it a friendly greeting, Or a warning that calls away?"

" Brother! the inland mountain, Hath it not voice and sound? Speaks not the dripping fountain, As it bedews the ground? E'en by the household ingle, Curtained and closed and warm, Do not our voices mingle With those of the distant storm?"

" Yes! But there 's something greater, That speaks to the heart alone; The voice of the great Creator Dwells in that mighty tone!"

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