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page 102 -- Maison Demorest, New York Clothing House, E.P.Woodward, MD, Wm. H. Bulkeley, the Allaire

updated 25 December 2015
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According to Wikipedia
"Ellen Louise Demorest (née Curtis) (1825–1898) was a US fashion arbiter. She was a successful milliner, widely credited for inventing mass-produced tissue-paper dressmaking patterns. With her husband, William Jennings Demorest, she established a company to sell the patterns, which were adaptations of the latest French fashions, and a magazine to promote them (1860). Her dressmaking patterns made French styles accessible to ordinary women, thus greatly influencing US fashion."
For additional information on Ellen Demorest, Lauren Whitley's article is an excellent starting point. Her presentation includes a bibliography.

The demand for Demorest patterns for dressmaking was worldwide. 

Here are a couple of Demorest ads from the Dry Goods Reporter via Google Books:

64 Grand Street in 2015 via Google Street View

While Hanna's Block in New Britain was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999,
I see no evidence of the building in the latest Google Street View of Main St. The clothing store shared space there with the Masonic Hall and other merchants.

Hanna's Block (added 1999 - - #72001568)
Hartford County - 432 Main St. , New Britain
(9 acres, 1 building)
Historic Significance:Architecture/Engineering
Architect, builder, or engineer:Hanna,John
Architectural Style:No Style Listed
Area of Significance:Architecture
Period of Significance:1875-1899
Historic Function:Commerce/Trade
Historic Sub-function:Business
Current Function:Vacant/Not In Use

By 1907,  Dr. E.P. Woodward was a member (actually an officer --"Vice Grand") of the Independent Order of Foresters, Pequabock Lodge no. 48 according to the Google Books reference below (from which the picture is also reproduced).

According to Wikipedia, William H. Bulkeley was the 40th Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut
As per The Hartford Preservation Alliance,  the Bulkeley residence was at 110 Washington St.:

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