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page 148 -- Hartshorn' Shade Rollers, Ira Perego Patent Bosom Shirts

updated 30 January 2016 <PREVIOUS PAGE       ~  index  ~        NEXT PAGE> Humor sells! According to WorldCat via Google Books, a catalog for these shade rollers exists, hard copy of which is available at  Centre canadien d'architecture   Canadian Centre for Architecture; CCA Montréal, QC H3H 2S6 Canada Title Hartshorn's Self-acting Shade Rollers: Any Child Can Handle Them Author Stewart Hartshorn Publisher Stewart Hartshorn, 1880 Length 18 pages Here's a sample from Google Books of a sample ad for Hartshorn's products: via Google Books : Title The Mercantile Agency Special Edition of Bullinger's Postal and Shippers Guide for the United States and Canada Contributor Mercantile Agency (New York, N.Y.) Publisher Compiled and published for the Mercantile Agency by Edwin W. Bullinger, 1883 Original from the University of Michigan Digitized Sep 3, 2009 Shade Rollers were sold here! 486 Broadway as of Sept 2014, Google S

page 149 -- Clinton Brothers & Co., J.E. Murray & Co., Vick's Seeds

updated 31 January 2016 <PREVIOUS PAGE       ~  index  ~        NEXT PAGE> The ad following is from Google Books , Title New Peterson magazine Volume 83 of The Peterson magazine ,  Charles Jacobs Peterson Contributors Ann Sophia Stephens ,  Charles Jacobs Peterson Published 1883 v.83 no.1 p.99 Original from the New York Public Library Digitized Dec 5, 2014 Google Maps locates Clintonville between North Haven and Northford on route 22, the  "Clintonville Rd." I couldn't find any community center, however. If you can, please comment! A sliver of the old Murray building could be poking its gray facade up there behind the billboards and various "modern improvements" to Elm St. in this Google Street View taken Oct 2014.               >> So far, I have not been able to find anything about the J.E. Murray Company or J.E. Murray himself. If you have information on this enterprise or J. E., ple

page 150 -- Edwin C. Burt & Co., Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient, Horsford's Almanac & Cookbook

updated 31 January 2016 <PREVIOUS PAGE       ~  index  ~        NEXT PAGE> Edwin C. Burt & Co. was located at 92 Centre St. or 138 Duane St., NYC Who cares whether she's wearing shoes? One of the most colorful cards in the Arnold Collection. Via Google Books comes the ad below from Title Occidental Medical Times, Volume 6 Published 1892 Original from the University of Michigan Digitized Apr 12, 2006 Essentially, Tarrant's was a mineral water formula that acted as a laxative. As late as 1892, ads for it with testimonials were appearing in medical publications such as the Pacific Medical Journal , Brooklyn Medical Journal , St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal  and American Homeopathist . The young lady above is holding a copy of Horsford's Almanac & Cookbook. As shown in this Google Image search below, the cover of this publication varied from year to year: View the complete 1886 Horsford Almanac as a MOVI

page 151 -- H.H. Grays Son, Mrs. E.M. Smith

updated 1 February 2016 <PREVIOUS PAGE       ~  index  ~        NEXT PAGE> The American Architect magazine v.97 part 1 no. 1778 p.12(1910) via Google Books reported that " H. H. Gray's  Sons will erect six-story  shoe  factory at North Salina and Salt St s ." Via Google Books  (c.1916), the following title gives us Joel Page's brief portrayal of H.H. Gray: From page 54 we learn: As best I can tell with the aid of Google Street View (Sept.,2014), this may have been the block in Johnstown, NY where Mrs. E.M. Smith's shop was located. <PREVIOUS PAGE       ~  index  ~        NEXT PAGE> The author of this blog has attempted to correctly apply terms and conditions to Content.  These pages and associated images are being made available exclusively for use in  non-commercial and non-profit study, scholarship, research, or teaching   . Researchers are responsible for using these materials in acc