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page 168 -- Hallet & Davis pianos, A. H. Taylor

updated 6 February 2017
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One of the most famous Boston piano manufacturers. Concert Pitch Piano Services provides this summary of the Hallet & Davis Pianos or Hallet, Davis and Company history:

"Hallet, Davis & Co. was established in 1835 as Brown & Hallet at 293 Washington Street in Boston, 
Massachusetts. Brown retired in 1843, and was replaced by George H. Davis. When Davis retired
in 1847, Hallet became part of the firm of Hallet, Cumston & Allen. Allen then left the company in 1850, 
forming Brown & Allen. When Allen withdrew, Hallet & Cumston was formed, building pianos
for many years under the names Hallet & Cumston and Hallet & Davis. With the death of George H. Davis 
in 1879, the firm incorporated as Hallet, Davis & Co., dropping the Hallet & Cumston name.
Hallet & Davis manufactured high quality square pianos, grand pianos, upright and player pianos in the 
late 1800s to early 1900s. Brand names included: Bowan, Underwood and Virtuolo player pianos.
After the Great Depression of the late 1920s, Hallet & Davis was acquired by the Aeolian Corp.
of New York, and Aeolian built pianos with the Hallet & Davis name until they were out of
business by about 1985. For a time the name was applied to pianos manufactured in Korea
by Samick Music Corp. In the 1990s, Hallet & Davis & Co. pianos were made in China by the
Dongbei Piano Co., manufactured for importer, North American Music Inc. By 2013 they were 
manufactured in China by the Beijing Hsinghai Piano Group, Silbermann Piano Co. and Parsons Music."

Expert Tom Goudy's comparison of grand
pianos is an excellent introduction to
the science of piano making.
(via YouTube)


I was not able to locate anything about the A H Taylor store in Thomaston, CT. Please post a comment below or email me if you have any information about this business. Thanks!

Here's a map of Thomaston in 1879. A. H. Taylor may have arrived on the scene later. I saw no reference to it in the index to this particular map.

available from the Library of Congress
In this view, the Seth Thomas offices surround the church.

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