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page 186 -- Dunlap & Co.

updated 2 March 2016
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Dunlap & Co. made the two hats above.
Pages from Dunlap's Spring and Summer
catalog for 1912 are available from the
Digital Collections of East Carolina University
sample from Dunlap Catalog above

Robert Dunlap was profiled in 1895 in America's Successful Men of Affairs Vol.1, Henry Hall, ed., New York Tribune, p. 208:

On page 638 of the following resource (scanned from the Diver collection) the following description of the Dunlap business is found:

178-180 Fifth Ave.
R. Dulap & Co.
main retail store site in Aug 2014
178-180 Fifth Avenue has a very interesting history. Daytonian in Manhattan relates tales not just about the building, but also about the people who lived there. Well worth your time to read it! The Daytonian explains that, "In 1920 Dunlap & Co. moved to No. 431 Fifth Avenue."

431 Fifth Ave., NYC
2nd home of Dunlap & Co. beginning 1920
Google Street View, Sept 2014
In 1885 Lockwood Press printed a booklet for Dunlap & Co.:

Read this title on

Dunlap & Co. had its manufacturing plant in Brooklyn. It merged with Knox hat makers in 1918, which occupied this building:

Google Street View, Aug 2014
Main entrance, St. Marks Ave., June 2011
In 1932, Knox merged with Cavanagh-Dobbs to become the Hat Corporation of America. On 30 December 1964, the New York Times Reported:
"The nine‐story structure at 3 East 57th. Street has been named the Hat Corporation of America Building for the company that has leased the first five floors and the basement and mez­zanine.... 
"Cavanagh Hats, a division of the Hat Corporation, will oc­cupy the store, basement, mez­zanine and second floor. The third, fourth and fifth floors will be used for wholesale show­rooms and offices of several associated companies. Cavanagh Hats has been in temporary­quarters since moving from 245 Park Avenue which it had oc­cupied for 38 years, until the building was demolished this year."
3 East 57th St. NYC
Google Street View, July 2014
former Hat Corporation of America building
Hat Corporation of America closed its Norwalk CT hat factory in 1970. Koracorp Industries Inc. purchased the rights to market and produce several of Hat Corporation's lines of hats including the Knox in 1972. This effectively ended hat production by Hat Corporation of America. Only seven years later, in September of 1979, Koracorp shareholders agreed to a merger with Levi-Strauss & Co. Levi-Strauss & Co. sold its Resistol Hat division to RHE of Richmond VA in 1985 as part of Levi-Strauss & Company's move to go from a publicly traded company to a private company. RHE has had several listings at various USA locations in the years since. This is the latest I could find via BizStanding:

Registration:Jul 16, 1986
Inactive Since:Dec 3, 1997
State ID:601191742
Business Type:Profit
Members (8):John Tillotson (President), 601 Marion Dr, Garland, TX 75042 >
Dan Dross (Secretary), 601 Marion Dr, Garland, TX 75042 >
Louie R Navar (Treasurer), 601 Marion Drive, Garland, TX 75042 >
Jim N Mills (Director), 601 Marion Drive, Garland, TX 75042 >
J Otis Winters (Director), 601 Marion Drive, Garland, TX 75042 >
M Lou Lowenkron (Director), 601 Marion Drive, Garland, TX 75042 >
Charles W Tate (Director), 601 Marion Drive, Garland, TX 75042 >
John R Muse (Chairman), 601 Marion Drive, Garland, TX 75042 >
Agent:Ct Corporation System
505 Union Ave Se Ste 120, Olympia, WA 98501 > (Physical)

Located a 601 Marion Drive in Garland, TX as of April 2015 is a retail sales shop for Resistol and Stetson brands and a manufacturing facility for HATCO:

both shots above from Google Street View, April 2015 
Tracing corporate history is a complicated task. Please let me know if you have any corrections in the narrative above. There is always a twist. For instance, according to the "about us" page of Hatdirect, Inc., accessed 2 March 2016, 
"HATCO® is the exclusive brand of HATDIRECT, INC. ....HATDIRECT, INC was established in 2000 and quickly became a global leader in the premium headwear industry. Creating headwear primarily for the young generation, HATDIRECT, INC has developed a notable reputation for producing quality caps that are distributed worldwide. HATDIRECT, INC. is based in Hackensack, New Jersey in the United States."
Does HATCO Garland TX have anything to do with Hatdirect? I'm not sure. That will have to be research for another day! (Most people get Mad Hatters' Disease because they handle mercury without adequate protection. Warning: Doing corporate research on hat companies may produce similar results.)

Learn how wool felt hats are made in the early 21st century! 

After discussing Bollman Hat Company history for the first 9 minutes, Bollman Hat Company President Don Rongione leads us on a tour of the hat manufacturing plant:

"A walk through America's longest running hat factory with President and CEO, Don Rongione. From our American Made Matters initiative to how we make quality wool felt hats proudly in Adamstown, PA for over 143 years" - YouTube

19th century technique is described with sparse illustration in the following title available free online from

The remaining card on this page of the Arnold scrapbook is a typical reward card for high-achieving students:

This is yours! Congratulations on having read this entire post!

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