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updated 25 November 2016

Additions to the Collection

A new page for the Arnold Collection! The above page was received intact from an eBay merchant recently. Most of the cards will be coded with the hashtag #ArnoldsLions and appear individually as part of "Whatever Happened to Lion Coffee" when processing is complete.

A Thanksgiving addition: Moose Skin Shoes, cards compliments of the Smith-Wallace Shoe Co., Chicago IL. (click to enlarge)

Gabel & Frisby, Cleveland OH

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The Gabel & Frisby Co., spice mills
Louis W. Gabel, manager
Henry Herman, travel agent
John R. Mott, travel agent
Adam Schaeffer, foreman
Jacob Hoehn, employee (duties unspecified)
The above information is from:

View from Huron St., Cleveland OH includes no spice company today.

Duluth Imperial Flour Co.

Duluth MN was the premier flour-making location in the US at one time. Almost as soon as railroads arrived on the scene, however, the flour-making businesses including Imperial dispersed to other locations. Buffalo NY, for awhile, was one of the beneficiaries of this phenomenon. To summarize briefly a corporate history explained best on Zenith City and in the Zenith City archives, Imperial Flour began operation in a grand way in 1888, flourished in Duluth for a little over a decade, then collapsed.

The Imperial factory at 600 Garfield Ave., Duluth MN was razed and is now the site of a grain elevator. Here are a couple of views of the site in 2015:

(Google 3d view)
grain elevator on site of former Imperial Flour factory (Google 3d)
Imperial Flour advertising was widespread, including this broadside on a building in Little Falls NY, a newspaper ad and a very famous trade card:

Google Newspapers; The Day, New London CT, Friday 22 April 1910, p.9

Verse in lower left of card (author, perhaps fortunately, unknown):

"As our airship proudly rises
On high we heard the praises
And our song the world amazes
By its truth.

"For we sing of product cereal
Which makes our bread ethereal
And is known as flour 'Imperial'
From Duluth"

The unknown poet strikes again:

"Light as a feather
Sweet as a fairy
Floats on a bubble
Graceful and airy
Frees your digestion
From misery's power
That wonderful
'Duluth Imperial' Flour!"
The Monasch Litho Co., Minneapolis Minn

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