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page 192 -- Fischer Piano, Willimantic thread, Lutted's S.P. Cough Drops

updated 2 June 2018
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J & C Fischer Pianos, 110 Fifth Ave., NY, NY

You can still buy an antique Fischer piano at the Antique Piano Shop! The Antique Piano Shop also shows the reverse of one of these trade cards here.

"Published on Oct 1, 2015 (YouTube)
Eric Alviani demonstrates the sound qualities of this rebuilt Fischer Grand, by playing his very own composition titled "Thunder & Lightning (Part 1)."

"For any questions about this piano, you can call us at 847-775-1988 or email

"About the recording:

Zoom Q2HD camera

1080p / 30 fps for the video

30 degree microphone angle
PCM uncompressed sound sampling 48 / 24
Lo-Cut on
Auto-Gain: Concert preset."

According to the Bluebook of Pianos
"The title of J. & C. Fischer was given the firm in 1840. John U. Fischer and Charles S. Fischer came of a most distinguished family of piano makers, their father having gained the coveted honor of being appointed "piano-maker" to Ferdinand I, King of Naples. The original factory of [J &]C. Fischer was established in 1840 in St. John's Lane, New York City. The present factories and general offices are in East Rochester, N. Y. This house has taken a prominent part in the development of the piano industry in the United States."
Below is a Google Street View of St. John's Lane in July 2014. The buildings may have been changed, but it looks as if the original street pavement survives!

history of Willimantic, [CT], the Thread City, gives the reader an
excellent overview of the great contributions made by this industry as
home sewing machines first became popular in America.
An enlargement of a portion of the back of the above card, showing manufacturer endorsements.
Here's another Willimantic Thread Co. card recently added to the Arnold Collection:

Another newly added Willimantic card with an especially beautiful theme:

East Carolina University has an excellent description of this card,
which includes an image which can be downloaded.
Paul McCartney (Flip Wilson performance 2006)
"Mary Had a Little Lamb"

Lutted's S.P. Cough Drops were made by 

J. Lutted & Co. Manufacturing Confectioners by Steam, 301 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y

Available at findagrave, the following excerpt, originally from the Buffalo NY 1890 Directory, gives some insight into the company's founding and history:

1890 Buffalo, New York Directory

Name: James Lutted; W. H. McClelland; Geo. Gantz 
Location 1: 25 and 27 Ellicott 
Business Name: Lutted Candy Co. The 
Occupation: pres.; sec.; treas.

"James Lutted established J. Lutted and Company in 1876, in Buffalo, N.Y., at 301 Main St. By 1886, the business had moved to larger facilities at Nos. 27 and 29 Elliott St. They sold candies, foreign fruits, show cases and "J.L." and "Uncle Sam" Cough Drops as specialties. S.P. may have been an abbreviation for specialty product...."

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