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page 187 -- Williams & Carleton, E. Hartshorn & Sons, B. Shoninger & Co.

updated 24 September 2016
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Reverse of a Williams' Root Beer card similar to the one above from
East Carolina University digital collections. The cadence of the
verse (especially the last) reminds me of that displayed on the
side of the road by Burma Shave.
The back of the card in the Arnold collection, on the other hand, was less lyrical. The Digital Commonwealth's copy (from an original in the Boston Public Library) of this Arnold collection card gives directions for making the drink from the extract. Looks like work to me!

As with many old potions and drinks, there is a market for the bottles. Here's a Williams Root Beer Extract bottle:
The formulae for Samuel Williams and Denny Carleton's various concoctions are available via the archivist at the Connecticut Historical Society. In addition to Root Beer, they made assorted perfumes, medicines and herbicides.

Hartshorn's Cough Balsam may have been great, but in 1919 William H. Hartshorn of E. Hartshorn & Sons pled nolo contendere and paid a fine of $80 for "Adulteration and misbranding of tincture of iodin and spirits of camphor." (FDA case 6423 as archived by the National Library of Medicine)

E. Hartshorn & Sons was dissolved in 1926.

Your health worries are over! But you've nothing to wear. The donkey ate your laundry!

A happier corporate story is the one surrounding B. Shoninger & Co., manufacturer of excellent pianos and organs.

Who are all these people? See page 185 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection
According to the Hollywood Piano Company, "By the 1880s, his [Bernard Shoninger's] trade was worldwide and his business was classed with the leading musical instrument manufacturing firms. Shoninger products were awarded medals by the New England State Agricultural Society, 1868; Philadelphia Exposition, 1876; Paris Exposition, 1878, Rotterdam Exposition, 1883; and the New York State Fair, 1886."

Shoninger upright piano (YouTube)

1887 Shoninger organ demo (YouTube)

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