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page 126 -- Pond's Extract Co., Mrs. C.A. Richards, Millinery

updated 11April 2017
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Below is one of the more famous Pond's cards, recently acquired by the Arnold Collection. As medication, the claim was it cured just about every ailment anyone could possibly imagine. Maybe even some you'll make up!

We celebrate lamplighters here. Not many have this particular task these days. As per the British Heritage Group, modern gas streetlights have electronic ignition. Nonetheless, there is still something especially hopeful and exciting about this time of day.

Lowell, MA lamplighter duties in the 19th century are described in
Ryan W. Owen's Past Occupations.

"The Old Lamplighter," The Browns 1960 

According to the 1917 AMA publication by John Street, "Patent & Proprietary Medicines," (Chicago, p.199), Pond's was primarily a mix of alcohol and Witch Hazel:

A great corporate history of the Pond's Extract Company is at

A millinery is a place where hats are designed and made.

This numbered bouquet of pansies may have been part of a seed catalog.

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