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page 125 -- The Youths Companion, Upson, Singleton & Co.

updated 3 January 2018
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sample pages from brochure

"Early issues of the Companion were centered on religion, having been created, in the words of its first publishers Nathaniel Willis (father of Nathaniel Parker Willis) and Asa Rand, to encourage "virtue and piety, and ... warn against the ways of transgression". In its early years its circulation did not reach 5,000.

Youth's Companion, 1893
"Through the years, publishers included Willis & Rand (Washington St., ca.1831); Olmstead & Co., (School St., ca.1857);[1] and Perry Mason & Co. (Washington St., ca.1868;[2] Temple Place, ca.1873-1888;[3][4] and Columbus Ave.; ca.1894).[5]
"In the 1890s its content was re centered on entertainment, and it began to target adults as well as children with pieces contributed by writers such as Harriet Beecher StoweMark Twain,Emily DickinsonBooker T. Washington, and Jack London. Another innovation was a medical column for older readers. In consequence, its circulation increased one-hundredfold, with sales peaking in 1893. It was advertised in 1897 as "an Illustrated Family Paper", having, as one person said of it, done "away with childish things". It did, however, retain a children's section, which included short poems and puzzles, and in faith to its beginnings, however, The Youth's Companion did not mention nor advertise drugs or alcohol, nor did it delve much into politics; when it did, it usually did so in a humorous way." (illustration is also from Wikipedia)

Masthead from Google Books
By George! It's your lucky day!

As noted in Wikipedia, at least 3 landmark events came of the success of The Youths Companion
  1. On September 8, 1892 the magazine published the first copy of the Pledge of Allegiance, written by staff member Francis Bellamy.
  2. Erle Stanley Gardner (1889–1970) was, as a child, very fond of the magazine. When he embarked on his own writing career, Gardner borrowed the name "Perry Mason" for his famous fictional attorney-detective.
  3. An actual physical landmark: The Youth's Companion Building is a historic building at 209 Columbus Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts. The building is also known as the Pledge of Allegiance Building because the Pledge of Allegiance was written and published there. The building originally had the address 201 Columbus Avenue and also has the address 142 Berkeley Street. It was built in 1892 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

Youth's Companion Building
Google Street View, June 2014

Google Street View of the main entrance, June 2014

A grand flag
at a special location!
Google Street View, June 2014

Not every Upson trade card had something to do with clothing!

American Building, Bank St.
Waterbury, CT
C.B.D. Boot and Shoe House apparently was a division of Upson, Singleton & Co.

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