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page 87 -- Elijah A. Morse, Rising Sun Stove Polish, Connecticut Boot & Shoe Co., C.B.D. Clothing House

updated 14 July 2018
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Elijah A. Morse was a United States Representative for the district that included Canton, MA.
See Wikipedia for a brief biography.
From Google Books we have more:

The Rising Sun Stove Polish Company was founded by Elijah Morse. George T. Comeau's excellent column in the Canton Citizen on 11 Dec 2014 points out the role advertising trade cards played in the success of the company.
"The stove that we know today is a far cry from the stoves of the mid to late 19th century. By the 1850s, the “modern kitchen” was equipped with a cast iron cooking range, and this was a fixture in just about every middle-class home. Cast iron can rust, and keeping the fixture polished was accomplished with “blacking.” Morse’s formula was not necessarily unique; it was, however, incredibly well advertised. What Morse excelled at, above all other traits, was the sales pitch.  
"Advertising was not a new medium in the time of Morse, but with the advent of chromolithographic printing, the use of trade cards advanced products in a whole new way. Morse led the efforts at creating some of the best and most highly sought-after advertising. And every great product needs a tagline, and here the line that sold millions of bars of polish was borrowed from a Keats poem: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Morse became the first person to employ outdoor advertising when he purportedly had his logo painted on the rocks of Camden Harbor."
 The information on the backs of the advertising trade cards always contained the tagline:

Further evidence of Morse's outdoor advertising is shown on photographer Robert "Ferd" Franks' blog, The Painted Ad (page 3).

Meanwhile, we continue to find additional Rising Sun trade cards:

According to's version of the History of Waterbury and the Naugatuck Valley, the Connecticut Boot and Shoe Company was one of the Charter members of the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce.

"The Rising Sun Polish Manufactory in 1881. Morse Bros. Proprietors, Canton, Mass."
From Google Maps Panoramio and the lens of nOTaNSEL comes this shot of the Rising Sun factory in the early 21st century.

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