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page 95 -- T.F. Barbour, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Ayer's American Almanac, James Prior, W.W.Thorpe, J.R. Mitchell, T.I. Gwillim

updated 10 October 2017
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On page 132 of this collection the address is listed as 137 Main St., Bristol

"Prepared by Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., U.S.A."

"Used in many schools as a text book" might be reason for sending students somewhere else to learn. Ayer's Almanac [click this link for 1884 Ayer's Almanac complete except for last page] was full of useful, but not necessarily accurate, information. I wonder how many believed that an ad for Ayer's Sarsaparilla was the first thing ever printed on a printing press!

From Google Books once more, here are some sample pages of Ayer's 1897 Almanac. The consequences of using this as a "textbook" would be profoundly disturbing as pages of advertising outnumber those presenting factual information.

According to page 21 of Street, John Phillips. The Composition of Certain Patent And Proprietary Medicines. Chicago: American Medical Association, 1917, the composition of Ayer's Sarsaparilla at the time of publication was:

(added to the Arnold Collection 27 October, 2016)
Legend in corner reads: "by approval of
Mrs. G.H. Gilbert and
Mr. Jas. Lewis in '7-20-B'"

Consumption of the product:

Plainville, CT is sandwiched between Bristol and New Britain. Information on James Prior's establishment has yet to surface, but with your help (please comment or email me), I'm sure we'll find something eventually! The University of Connecticut's Thomas J. Dodd Research Center and its Links to Business History Resources in the United States might help us uncover some information. Meanwhile, Google Maps makes Plainville's status as filling in a metropolitan sandwich very clear:

see page 194 for additional cards

Thanks to Google Books' digitized version of Bristol Historic Homes, images of both Julius R. Mitchell (1821-1909) and his residence have been preserved.

Though listed as a watch repairer in the 1880 census,
I have not been able to locate any additional
information about the Gwillim business so far.

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