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page 115 -- Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient, Joseph L. Joyce & Co., T.I. Gwillim

updated 6 January 2016
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for information on this brew, see
page 150 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection
located at 161 State St.
According to the Shoe Industry by F.J. Allen, as seen on Google Books,

T.I. Gwillim was listed in the 1885 Hartford County Directory
and was also in the 1880 census for Bristol CT, listed as a watch repairer.
On page 659 of the Google Books resource below, T.I. Gwillim was in charge of a Depository for the Connecticut Bible Society:

In addition, a Google search (The Christian Advocate) reveals T.I. Gwillim was among the "happy, optomistic and robust Methodists" who came together on Friday 27 April 1906 for a banquet of the Methodist Social Union of Central Connecticut:

The Christian Advocate - Volume 81 - Page 689 - Google Books Result
1906 - ‎Methodist Church
Methodists were earnest and serious and determined. T. I. Gwillim, of Bristol, and S. T. Whelan, of North Church, Hartford, were appointed auditors.

In 1917, T.I. Gwillim & Son was reported (The Jewelers' Circular) as a contributor to the American Red Cross dance to "swell the account of the Soldiers Benefit Fund:"

The Jewelers' Circular
1917 - ‎Clocks and watches
Among the firms that contributed for the benefit of the fund were the E. Ingraham Clock Co., Lee Roberts, T. I. Gwillim & Son, and the American Silver Co.

On the other hand, The NY Times picked up a report from the Hartford Times that indicated life for T.I. was not without its complications. He was sued at one time by a "Lewis Marsh of Burlington for picking huckleberries in the highway." The article did not report on resolution of the case, but did say that, to secure the claim, "the officer attached three gold watches in Mr. Gwillim's store." Damages to the extent of $50 were claimed.

SHORT CUTS. - The New York Times
T. I. Gwillim, ax Bristol jeweler, has been sued for damages by Locals , of Burlington, for in the highway last Summer. To his claim the attached three (told w au  ...

H.D. Gwillim: 7 N. Main St., Bristol CT (1920)
Know anything of T.I Gwillim? Please comment or email me and we'll add it to the blog. My sources have so far been a disappointment.

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