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Addenda 2: The DiMambro

Trade Card Scrapbook Video

You can view the original scrapbook that is the basis for the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection in person in the Cornell University Library.

To give you an idea of what it is like to view a Victorian trade card scrapbook in person, here is a video of one that was sold in 2018. It is followed by a page-by-page review featuring the original narration as transcribed from YouTube:

This video advertised a scrapbook that was sold by:

Published on Jan 23, 2018
"Excellent 19th century trade card album. As acquired, with over 600 chromolithographed cards and approx. 200 small cut-out chromolithographed scraps of the era. Ornate embossed cover, profusion of cards glued in as typical (almost certainly organic animal glue of the era, so readily removable by soaking). Peruse and purchase these and thousands more antique maps, rare books and prints at Like and Subscribe for more updates on our ever-growing collection of fine maps, prints, and books. Available at: "

From the video: "We're looking at right now a 19th century scrapbook that was compiled by an owner in the 19th century.

"It's full of chromolithographed scraps as well as trade cards from various products and merchants who would have distributed these as a premium and an incentive to get repeat customers and for advertising purposes.

"We see dogs and children.
"Beautiful gold reflective ink used these cards here are very typical of chromolithography of the late 19th century.

 "Here we have a series of racial stereotype cards from a soap manufacturer.

"This album is particularly appealing because it contains over 600 trade cards plus probably a couple hundred small detailed chromolithographed scraps.

"Oh, look at this nice series of cigar cards! We've got 8 baseball-related cigar cards.


"It's a visual pleasure.

"These are very possibly [Louis] Prang cards right here. He was a Boston lithographer. [See Boston Public Library's Prang Collection. It's gorgeous!]

Louis Prang from Wikipedia
"Here are...six monkey soap cards.

"This gold reflective ink is really wonderful because it takes on a certain age patina not unlike...the surfaces of antique gold coins.

"Here's some more...

Little Cupids, cats ...

"Gold ink on these more reflective...

"They're often humorous in nature.

"These are wonderful...reflective gold ink, patriotic theme. [Here's some] racial stereotyping. As typical, the paper of the album is sturdy but with edge chipping. A couple of pages are detached.

"Ah, yes! Fans of The Mikado opera theme...

"Goddesses and young women of other countries was also a common type of imagery used on trade cards at this time.

'This is a fine assortment, nicer than typical.

"This is a wonderful candle shadow scene! Little girl with her cat little boy dressed as a Turkish merchant of some kind.

"Cowboys...On board a ship...Gold reflective ink--silver ink on these two...
"Thread... there's a cat.

"Bear family... These two are splendid! Poseidon, sea monster, mermaid... more mermaids...little cherubs dancing, bottles around the world with flags.

"These are shaped like an ink bottle. Before and after cards...

"Animals, babies, reflective ink...little cherub angels...

"Yes this is quite excellent... a little dream sequence... the American West.. New Home [sewing machines]...

"Flags of the world, including China...

"Elephant cards no doubt referencing Jumbo the elephant. I believe that was a PT Barnum circus type spectacle. [see page 79]

"Chinese and Uncle Sam, John Bull, Great Britain, kite, artist's pallette, Yes!

"The Tsar of Russia...interesting...this is a nice little assortment of hats. Interior scenes...

"These cards would soak out of this album quite readily. That's often what people do. They sell them individually or as collections.

"Oh look! Here are Chinese washing men [dancing] around a box of soap. Flag... well that's interesting ...

"Rollerskating on thread spools...

"More artists palettes...

"Bathing at the beach or swimming in your dress... Kickapoo remedy... buffaloes with Indians...

"Dog, monkey, dogs, animals, dogs...

"Yes! Architecture is wonderful. This is a fantastic card album!

"That's it! Thanks for watching! If you subscribe you'll get notifications. Hope to talk to you again very soon!"
Originally Published on Jan 23, 2018