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page 15 -- A.J. Muzzy, L.S. Hodges, Clark Thread Co., Wellman & Dwire, Wilcox & White

updated 15 March 2016
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A. J. Muzzy became one of Bristol's most prominent stores. For more information, see page 71 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection.

Another card, but no additional information for L.S. Hodges is displayed on page 27 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection.

More information on Clark's O.N.T. (Our New Thread) is available on pages 72 and 174 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection.

I'm not sure who gave out the above rather imaginative selection of snow-bound activities,
including the intriguing mouse (squirrel?) toy...

"Old Dog Tray" was one of several varieties of tobacco sold by Wellman & Dwire. This company is discussed in more detail on page 22 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection.

  • On the green banks of Shannon, when Sheelah was nigh,
    No blithe Irish lad was so happy as I
    No harp like my own could so cheerily play,
    And wherever I went was my poor dog Tray.

"Old Dog Tray" from YouTube

And now, again from the "old dog" himself!

"Old Dog Tray" was written and composed by Stephen Collins Foster (lyrics from Wikisource):


The morn of life is past,

And evening comes at last;
It brings me a dream of a once happy day,
Of merry forms I've seen
Upon the village green,
Sporting with my old dog Tray.
Old dog Tray's ever faithful,
Grief cannot drive him away,
He's gentle, he is kind;
I'll never, never find
A better friend than old dog Tray.


The forms I call'd my own
Have vanished one by one,
The lov'd ones, the dear ones have all passed away,
Their happy smiles have flown,
Their gentle voices gone;
I've nothing left but old but old dog Tray.


When thoughts recall the past
His eyes are on me cast;
I know that he feels what my breaking would say;
Although he cannot speak
I'll vainly, vainly seek
A better friend than old dog Tray.

I'm not sure how Tray feels about being called "poor" and "old." Hopefully there was a time in his life when he was neither! If you write something from Tray's point of view, please comment below or email me so it can be added here....

Now that things have been twisted around, here's a serious article about how dogs view humans: The Human Dog. As a dog owner, I've always suspected I was the one that needed training, not the dog. So here's more serious stuff along the same lines...11 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate. Good grief! Even Wikipedia takes this angle seriously! By the way, LiveScience also has some interesting material on this topic, too.

OK, OK...

dog gif
from Stacie: "37 Gifs of Dogs Making People Look Ridiculous"

See page 169 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection for a demonstration of a Wilcox & White organ.

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