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page 12 -- William Reynolds, Forestville Drug Store

updated 27 December 2015
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There's more
on this store
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See page 103 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection for more on William Reynolds and an outside view of his store.

*Sincerely, Wretched Poet

While William Reynolds presents versions of activity within stores similar to his on his business cards, we'll take a look at representative venues where this activity occurred:

Circa 1880. Interior of Helmbold's Drug Store, New York City
(multiple submissions to Pinterest)

From Denver Public Library's Digital Collections:
"Interior view of 
ForbesDrug Store, in Georgetown, Colorado, on the first floor of the Cushman Block on Sixth (6th) Street. Showcases and shelves display small flat round boxes, a crate of seedsrolls of wallpaper with an oriental rug hanging behind, tins and boxes,birdcages, a sign "Tarrants Seltzerpharmaceuticals behind a "Forbes" sign, brushes, and a hanging row of oil lamps and lamp globes. Two men stand in the shadows of the store by the cases. A [gas] lamp with two globes hangs over the main aisle; signs read 'Wei De Meyer'sCatarrh Cure' and 'Castoria.'"

Apothecary, County Road 13, Bexar, Marion County, ALAlex Bush, Photographer, March 3, 1936  (LOC)

From Wikimedia:
Z. D. Gilman's Drug Store, 627 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington DC
demolished in 1967!

"Interior view of 'Dr. McDougald's Drug Store' (LOC)"
somewhere in Georgia, USA, 1899

Z.D.Gilman, interior detail

Johnston, Frances Benjamin, 1864-1952, photographer (LOC)

Z.D.Gilman ceiling

"Exterior view of 'Dr. McDougald's Drug Store' with three African Americans standing in the doorway
and a horse-drawn carriage in the foreground (LOC)"

Old Town History: Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary

As ever, sales depend on visibility. New technology does this best. When color printing was new technology, trade cards such as those displayed as part of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection got the job done.

John Oliver gives an excellent introduction to drug sales techniques in 2015. Advertising seeks to enlist consumers as drug sales agents by encouraging folks to "ask their doctor" about obtaining prescriptions for their ailments. Doctors are also recruited directly as marketing agents.
"Marketing to Doctors"
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
via YouTube published 8 Feb 2015

"copyrighted 1878 by Wemple & Kronheim, NY"
Google Books reference displays an ad for Wemple & Kronheim, lithographers:

79 White St., NYC
the neighbors
(above two images from Google Street View, Oct 2014)
sample views of victorian store interiors from Google Image search

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