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page xiii -- Earl J. Arnold -- A Life in Public Service

updated 23 January 2019

Continued from  EJA - the Early Years
By the time Earl J. Arnold retired in 1961, he had developed multiple connections with prominent business people across New England. The extent of this network was demonstrated by the letters saluting his service at three milestones in his career,  his 20th year recognition as Executive Secretary of the Waltham MA Chamber of Commerce in 1949, his 25th anniversary as Secretary in 1954 and his retirement ceremony in 1961.

The written remarks and testimonials for each occasion are presented below:

3 May 1949 (PDF)

3 May 1954
(the opening card was not part of the ceremony, but came along later)

community service of Earl J. Arnold
--from the 1961 recognition program

snapshots from Earl J. Arnold's 1961 retirement ceremony

Ruth Beers Arnold observes as husband Earl J. Arnold shakes hands with unidentified gentleman
Ruth Beers Arnold looks on as Earl J. Arnold is congratulated on his retirement

When my family went to visit Granddad Arnold in Waltham, we would be given a tour of all the latest developments along Route 128. I remember that new electronics firms were cheered, while trucking companies were discussed with a good deal less enthusiasm. All industries were set back from the road in what was then a park-like setting.

Waltham MA factory surrounded by greenery along route 128
No doubt Earl J. Arnold would have approved of this factory design along Route 128 in Waltham.
-Google Street View, Oct 2013-
Earl J. Arnold's last residence is preserved as a local historical landmark in his second wife's name. Our family memories of this address, including (poor quality, unfortunately) home movies are found on this blog entry: [ ]