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page 6 -- Button & Ottley, John H. Bufford & Co., Clark Thread Co., Dundas Dick & Co.

updated 12 March 2019
three cards feature women in hats over image of boys coming home below which two cards for Clark's thread frame a card for Seidlitz Powders
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woman looking down left in red hat wearing green dress with sunflower corsage
Button & Ottley, manufacturers
56 Warren St., NYC
blond lady in red hat and dress looking to viewers right

woman wearing green and yellow cap and yellow dress looks to her right

For additional information on Button & Ottley, see page 129 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection. The series "A Policeman's Day" (page 5) was also printed for Button & Ottley.

Boys returning from fishing pass cows getting drink from creek
"Coming Home" 1879
by Bufford, Boston MA
See the next page, page 7 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection, for information on John Henry Bufford and his company. This is one of Bufford's most familiar prints.

Girl hanging clothes on line while younger sister plays with doll nearby
"Across the line, from pole to pole, the children's clothes depend upon it."
Woman wearing purple coat trimmed in white over green dress plays with child
"Nothing stronger
can there be
than Mother's love
and O.N.T."
back of card featuring ad copy
reverse of card above
lady in white bonnet, red cape and blue and white dress filling basket with wildflowers

damaged and scuffed back of card
Showing its age, this is the back of the card above.
More on the Clark Thread Co. is on page 72 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection. Another trade card and a little more information is on page 174 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection, and yet another card is on page 15.

bouquet of flowers featuring lily of the valley, rose, pinks, clematis
Seidlitz Powders are discussed on Wikipedia.
Karen Nims identifies the flowers on this card as those of
"rose, lily-of-the valley, forget-me-not, clematis, carnation."
two paragraphs of ad text.
Reverse of a Seidlitine card from Digital Commonwealth
According to a New York Times article (12 April 1887) Dundas Dick, senior partner of the firm, was showing signs of insanity by age 60. His activities were closely monitored by his partners, particularly James Harvie, and Martin E. Finnegan.

In October 2014, Google Street View captures 112 White Street, a little faded, but standing strong:

ornate scrolling beneath cornice as seen on Google Street View

elaborate sculpting on top two floors of building

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