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page 5 -- Button & Ottley, Henry B. Cook

updated 30 November 2018
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"copyrighted by Robert Hoyt 1882"
These cards formed the series "A Policeman's Day"
You may find series of cards or individual cards that are parts of series throughout the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection. Not all are numbered as this one was. Series trade cards led to something most of us have enjoyed in the 20th century--comic strips! Ben Crane focuses on this evolutionary development and gives several examples on his page, "Series Trade Cards." Crane identifies 32 series, including "A Policeman's Day." His article is one of many listed on the Trade Card Place's page "Articles About Trade Cards."

Another card for Button's is on pages 6 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card CollectionFor additional information on Button & Ottley, see page 129 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection.

H.B. Cook, Fine Footwear, was located at 33 North Main St., Bristol CT
Susquehanna River, Asylum Township, Bradford County, as seen from Marie Antoinette Overlook along Route 6 in 2009.
Visible here is the French Azilum Historic Site, where some Revolution-fleeing French aristocrats settled in 1793. -- Wikimedia

A far cry from what the Hudson looks like in the 20th century:

"... on the Hudson River Day Line. The PS Alexander Hamilton sailed round-trip from New York City to Poughkeepsie, stopping at Bear Mountain and West Point each way. Here we sail from West Point to above the Poughkeepsie Bridge, then back to West Point. It was filmed by my dad, Lawrence W. Haas, and the music is by my daughter, Anna Haas. The movie includes my mom (Catherine Anna "Peg" Haas) and me [David W. Haas, M.D.] age 9."

Wikipedia notes that the Eddystone Light House has been replaced three times due to erosion and fire.

from BBC via YouTube

I was unable to find, among many falls named "Rainbow," anything that looked like this. In the Finger Lakes region of New York State, however are some that could have inspired this artist:

from YouTube

most likely Red Mill Falls, Rensselaer NY

While I have not found anything yet on the Cook business, it appears Henry B. Cook was a Civil War veteran:
 "COOK, Henry B.; Corporal, Company K; Residence, Bristol, Connecticut; Enlisted July 29, 1862; Mustered August 24, 1862; Captured at Plymouth, NC, April 20, 1864; Paroled December 10, 1864; Mustered out June 24, 1865." -- Edward Boots,  Roster of the 16th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

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