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page 153 -- Highland Foundry Co., Maude Branscombe, Nellie Rowland, Adelaide Phillipps, Adelina Patti, Lilian Adelaide Neilson, Kate Girard, Minnie Hauck

updated 3 February 2016
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Highland Foundry as advertised in the Waltham and Watertown Directory, 1884, found on the Watertown Library site:

Maude Branscombe, (left) according to Broadway Photographs, was a very good looking woman, but had little else to contribute. She was widely photographed, but not much admired for her singing or acting ability. The other women in this grouping have yet to be identified. Please let me know if you have any information by commenting below or sending me an email. Thanks!

Adelaide Phillipps 1833-1882 (correct spelling) was an opera singer, born in Stratford-On-Avon, England. Page 152 has additional information regarding the Phillipps (or Phillips) home in Marshfield MA.

Still searching for information on Nellie Rowland.  If she follows the pattern above, she was a prominent personality of her time. Perhaps you can discover her! If you do, please drop me a line or comment below. Thanks!

Minnie Hauck was a well-known opera singer whose full name was Amelia Mignon Hauck.

Most probably, the above likeness is Lilian Adelaide Neilson (3 March 1847 – 15 August 1880), born Elizabeth Ann Brown, an English stage actress.

According to Wikipedia, Adelina Patti "remains one of the most famous sopranos in history, owing to the purity and beauty of her lyrical voice and the unmatched quality of her bel canto technique."

Hear Adelina Patti sing! page 185. (This is an Edison cylinder recording good for its age.)

Kate Girard, (correct spelling) according to Jack's Victorian Actresses, "was a well known actress born in 1860 and married to actor and playwright, George Fawcett Rowe, in 1877."

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