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page 39 -- Higgins' Soap Co., Nestle's, H.R. Stevens' Vegetine

updated 2 August 2018
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According to an article about the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection appearing in the 

Summer 1965 issue of Food Marketing in New England (First National Stores, v. 26 no. 1 p. 22-3):

For additional information on Higgins' (and H.M.S. Pinafor), see page 121 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection. According to the Seattle Public Library,  Charles S. Higgins,"his wife Mary and their children, Charles, Lillie and Minnie, lived in Brooklyn [NY]...The family's home address in 1880 was 95 Sixth Ave."

From Business Lookup:

Higgins Soap Company

660-662 Atlantic Ave. [2015: Barclay's Center]
Brooklyn New York 11217

NYS Entity Status

NYS Filing Date
JULY 27, 1892




Registered Agent

NYS Entity Type

Name History

F.B. Patterson of 27 Park Row, NYC, printer of the Nestle's cards above, had a good deal to say about the art of advertising:

Weinstein & Holtzman list this address as 29 Park Row.
I'm guessing that this is the building that housed F.B. Patterson, perhaps through
the door to the right, which would have been #27.
Google Street View Aug 2013

The effectiveness of Nestle's product is promoted by this Google Books resource published by the Nestle company:

The endorsements were enthusiastic:

Nestle has published some of its history as part of a PDF discussing the great line of successful products it has on the market as of 2015 (p.68):

Meet H.R. Stevens' dog!
H.R. Stevens, "sole proprietor of Vegetine," 464 Broadway, Boston MA
Here's the back of this card as found on Digital Commonwealth:

Chaim M. Rosenberg's book as digitized on Google Books notes that H.R. Stevens had great success:

Vegetine was first produced by a Dr. Cummings. H.R. Stevens made it famous.

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