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page 68 -- R. Ballerstein & Co., E.F. Judson & Co., James Marden & Co., M. H. Carroll, J.A. Burke

updated 29 January 2018
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The Ballerstein Building was at 904 - 908 Main St., Hartford CT
Unfortunately, the Ballerstein Building was demolished and a 1960s replacement looked so bizarre in the setting it had to be refaced to conform to standards of the current historic district. Below is the best photo of the area I could find showing (at least in the distance) the Ballerstein Building. At least it provides an idea of the character of the area in the late 1800s. From Google Books:

"View of Main Street near the intersection of Asylum and State Streets, showing at the right
and in the background the Sage-Allen and Ballerstein Buildings and the
elegant department store of Brown, Thomson & Co."
Here's a bit about R. Ballerstein from Men of Progress and Google Books:

Too Late!
In June of 2011, Google Street View  discovers
the corner of Main & Temple without the Ballerstein building.

Seymour Block 144 Main St., Bristol CT
Manufactured in Rochester, NY by James Marden & Co.
James Marden & Co. also made flavoring extracts, according to a Google Books digitization of a page of Made in Rochester:

The present numbering on Rochester's West Main Street would indicate this store had a very famous address in what was then Rochester's tallest building, the Powers Building.

Google Street View, July 2015
Maybe you know me well enough now that you understand I had to do some exploring when I saw this marvelous structure! The results and more information on the Powers Building is on my blog,
Photographers Street View, where I showcase derivative photography from Google Street View.

I suspect the only thing that J. A. Burke and M. H. Carroll have in common is that I can't find any information about either of them. Can you? If so, please comment below or email me. Thanks!
Working together, I'm sure we can fill in some of the "blanks" in this collection!

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