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page 32 -- Walpole Emery Mills, Lanman & Kemp

updated 5 February 2018
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Kudos to Walter Arnold!
Walter's brother, Earl J. Arnold, missed these, but earned kudos later as a
superb Chamber of Commerce leader in several
New England communities, particularly Waltham MA.
Walter was an over-achiever
The next three cards were stock cards printed by "HJB" (that's just a guess) lithographers. As of this moment, I'm not sure of HJB's identity. In any case, the stock cards were produced with blanks for merchants to imprint their logo. The subject matter of the card had nothing to do with what the merchant was selling. Excelsior Metal Polish might have been expensive. Almost for sure it was not "earnestly precious," nor would it have made your love true, guaranteed the gender of your offspring or improved your posture. 

No trace of the Walpole Emery Mills remains.
Google Street View of State Street, Boston MA
near the location of  Holway, Wright & Miner,
which also disappeared. It may have been on
the site of the present Board of Trade building.
As cited in this Google Books reference, Excelsior Metal Polish won a bronze medal at an Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association in 1881:

On Digital Commonwealth, the Boston Public Library's copy of another trade card lists places in the Providence RI area that sold Excelsior Metal Polish:

Deep in the era of regional and national grocery store chains, it is hard to imagine such a multitude of independent grocers in a single metropolitan area. For a brief history of groceries in America, the postings at Groceteria are outstanding.

A Google Image search gives us a way to "visit" some of these old stores:

This blog's author remembers wooden floors and the all-consuming odor of coffee that emanated from the building seen below on John St. in Middletown NY in the 1950s, when it was an A&P store (Google Street View):

To a 7-year-old, this place was awesome for the sights, odors and flavors it contained!
A first-class sensory experience!
What's your grocery like?
Nothing captures the flavor of an old store quite like this video (by 805Roadking) of the Coolspring PA general store and Post Office:

copyright 1881 by Lanman & Kemp, NY;
one of the most colorful card series in the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection!
Almost too much color here!

Ad from Puck's Library via Google Books:

This product is manufactured in 2015 by Lanman & Kemp-Barclay Co., Inc., whose website gives this account of the history of the company:
"The Company was established in 1808 by Robert I. Murray at Number 313 Pearl Street, New York City, In 1835 said Robert I Murray was joined by D.T. Lanman and the business was conducted under the firm name Murray & Lanman at Number 69 Water Street, in said city.  In 1835 the firm name was changed to David T. Lanman and co.,  and in 1861 to Lanman & Kemp.  The three successive firms last named, remained in business at number 69 Water Street, New York City, until 1870 when the business moved to number 68 Williams St. in said city, where it remained until 1900 in which it moved to 135 Water St. New York City. 
"Continuously from the years 1861 to 1920 the business was conducted under the firm name of Lanman & Kemp and in the last named year it was Incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, under the title of Lanman & Kemp. In 1957 because of the rise in sale of our products the facility had to be enlarged, therefore it was resolved to move to 15 Grand Ave., Palisades Park, New Jersey and later on moved to 25 Woodland Ave., Westwood, New Jersey the present address of the company."
Google Street View of Murray & Lanman, Sept 2012
company history from YouTube as posted by Daisy Villegas

Here's a Victorian card for M&L soap:

Reverse of the card above.

Although sold, bottled, advertised and commonly referred to as Florida "water," this product is NOT intended for drinking! It is for external use as cologne or perfume, as the Lanman & Kemp label clearly indicates. Unbranded or home made products that incorporate methyl ("rubbing") alcohol are particularly dangerous if ingested, as methanol is poisonous.

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    1 (800) 222-1222

    American Association of Poison Control Centers

    Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
    Languages: English
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