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page 146 -- Soapine laundry soap

updated  17 September 2017
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According to
as digitized by Google Books,

But there is more to the story than that! See page 147 of this blog for the rest of the story.

Lavine Soap was manufactured by the Hartford Chemical Works.
Other animal cards in this series can be seen on page 29.
Information on the company can be found on page 57.
See the Index for additional listings.

Soapine was manufactured by the Kendall Manufacturing Company of Providence RI. See page 147. Page 147 also displays the balance of this monthly series of Soapine cards. Meanwhile, here's another Soapine card or two:

back of card above

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Jeff Diver said…
We do not know if Brian's laundry service uses Soapine Laundry Soap.